Monday, March 2, 2009

நோம் சோம்ஸ்கியின் பதில், உங்கள் தகவலுக்கு

Dear friends,

We sent our response to Professor Noam Chomsky on Tuesday, 02/24/09, incorporating your signatures that we received in our online petition and in the account as on Tuesday evening. The number of signatories is 193. Professor Chomsky replied to us immediately 02/24/09. This was our covering letter:

Dear Professor Chomsky,

Greetings. We have come across your recent interview on “Sri Lanka And American Affairs” with the Sri Lanka Guardian's Washington correspondent Eric Bailey (Sri Lanka Guardian, 11 February 2009). The interview surprised as well as disappointed us, precisely because we are quite aware of your sustained involvement in anti-war activism and commitment to oppressed peoples. We think that the interview sidesteps the crucial issue of the suffering and casualties of Tamil civilians during the on-going war in Wanni, Sri Lanka. Please find below and in the attachment our joint letter in response to the interview. We are sending this response after a thorough discussion on this issue and after circulating it among those who are concerned with the suffering of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka. We believe that our response would urge you to revisit the views that you expressed at the interview.
Thanks for your time.


A group of artists, writers, and intellectuals concerned with the suffering of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka

Professor Chomsky's response is as below:

"Thanks for your letter. You are correct that I did not discuss the topics you mention, nor did I discuss atrocities committed by the Tamil Tigers. The reasons are those I stated. I do not discuss topics unless I know enough about them to voice a confident opinion.

Noam Chomsky"

This is for your information. We thank Professor Chomsky for his quick response. We also thank you for your support in this issue.



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